Fire training at Scott Base 2022
28 October 2022

Fighting fires on ice

Antarctica’s New Zealand base, Scott Base is well-equipped with smoke alarms, heat-detectors, and fire extinguishers. But there is no doubt that if a fire were to start, or an incident were to occur, they would need trained perso… Read More

27102022 NZHMSARDERN01
27 October 2022

Focus: PM Jacinda Ardern lands in Antarctica

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern talks about research, environmental protection and conservation in Antarctica. Read More

12102022 NZHMSARDERN04
26 October 2022

The Prime Minister has landed

5:50pm Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has landed in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica. The C17 landed at 5:09pm. After disembarking, the Prime Minister will travel by Hagglund to Scott Base. 12:02pm Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has flow… Read More

C130 waiting PHOTO Waynne Williams
25 October 2022

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's flight boomerangs

The C130 Hercules carrying Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to Antarctica has turned around due to poor weather at McMurdo Sound. Safety is our number one focus when flying to the coldest, windiest, remotest place on Earth so this … Read More

Last sunset
25 October 2022

Last sunset at Scott Base

The sun has just set for the last time until February at Scott Base. Read More

The Scott Base team removing the Sea Ice Mass Balance Station during COVID Photo by Jamie Mc Gaw
21 October 2022

Icy reception for Antarctic season opening

By Antarctica New Zealand chief executive Sarah Williamson There’s nothing quite like an Antarctic polar blast hitting Aotearoa to remind everyone season opening is upon us. As temperatures plummeted earlier this month bringing u… Read More