Scott Base's weather recorder

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25 CHP Antarctica IM66

Scott Base weather facts


  • Mean wind speed 19.1 km/h
  • Max wind speed 177.8km/h
  • Dominant wind direction: NE


  • Mean annual temp: -19.8⁰C
  • Mean temp in February: -11.3⁰C
  • Mean temp in July: -29.0⁰C
  • Lowest recorded temperature at Scott Base: -57.0⁰C (25 September 1968)
  • Warmest recorded temperature at Scott Base: 6.8⁰C (08 January 1970)

A computer at Scott Base running Weather-Display software interrogates the Scott Base NIWA weather station and publishes this data to the two locations below:

Weather Underground
Antarctica NZ Weather Display page

This near real time information shown is indicative only and those seeking official weather records should refer to NIWA’s National Climate Database here.