Hip hop penguins and awe inspiring aurora

21 March 2019

“We’ve got these badass hip hop penguins, a live dancer and amazing footage of seals in the water.”

Creative Director Jason O’Hara describing just a small taste of what to expect during his new immersive cine-dance experience Where Memories Sleep.

Where Memories Sleep has just opened at Space Place in Wellington. It is inspired by Massey University lecturers Jason O’Hara and Warren Maxwell’s trip to Antarctica with Antarctica New Zealand in 2016.

The story tells the imagined legend of Aurora in Antarctica through the eyes of young adventurer Si, and incorporates dance, larger than life projections and music.

“Si, like so many modern scientists who travel down and return each year, falls in love with Antarctica,” he says.

Warren Maxwell says the immersive production is unlike anything he has ever done before, but his experience in Antarctica changed and inspired him remarkably.

“There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t think about the beauty and majesty of Antarctica. I am so in awe of what the scientists and workers are doing down there,” he says.

Antarctica New Zealand General Manager of Communications Megan Martin says Where Memories Sleep is something completely different.

“It’s a unique way of bringing what we do to another audience, and demonstrates just how passionate and committed Antarctic scientists are,” she says.

Where Memories Sleep is showing at Space Place on the 21st and 25th of March, performances are open to the public and you can book via this link


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