The Prime Minister has landed

12102022 NZHMSARDERN04
26 October 2022


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has landed in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica.

The C17 landed at 5:09pm. After disembarking, the Prime Minister will travel by Hagglund to Scott Base.


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has flown out of Christchurch bound for Antarctica … again!

The Prime Minister joined the ‘boomerang club’ yesterday when her NZAF C130 Hercules had to return due to strong winds and inclement weather in Antarctica. Today’s flight is on a United States C17, and left at 11:38am. The flight will take about five hours.

While in Antarctica, the Prime Minister will experience life at Scott Base and learn about the world-leading science Antarctica New Zealand supports.

Originally planned for two days, her schedule has now changed. However, the Prime Minister will still visit field teams researching sea ice in a changing environment, the Dry Valleys and the historic huts.

She will see first hand where the new Scott Base will be situated, as well as the wind farm that contributes sustainable electricity for both Scott Base and the US McMurdo Station.

This is all dependent on Antarctic weather.