23 10 2023 c 1
9 February 2024

Scott Base Redevelopment Project Director

Scott Base Redevelopment Project Director and General Manager for Engineering, Jon Ager, has decided to return home to the United Kingdom for family reasons, but not before he has helped to identify a way forward for the Scott Ba… Read More

Atmospheric weather testing. Photo: Dan Smale
30 October 2023

Studying the chemistry of the atmosphere

New Zealand scientists have been measuring atmospheric chemistry at Arrival Heights in Antarctica for four decades. They have been instrumental contributors to international assessments on ozone depletion and climate change. New … Read More

Pressure ridges by Blake Mc Davitt
27 September 2023

Winter sea ice MIA, scientists convene emergency summit

As Antarctic sea ice extent dips towards a record winter low, Antarctica New Zealand's field support staff are monitoring and assessing fast ice conditions at Ross Island. Antarctica’s sea ice is in dramatic decline, tracking wel… Read More

Capture stamps second time lucky
7 September 2023

Scott Base stamp collection: Home on Ross Island

Scott Base was designed to have a short life, but it didn't take long for the little research station to defy the odds and reshape its destiny. It was originally designed to support the British Trans-Antarctic (TAE) and Internati… Read More

Fig 1 hawkes bay coast
7 July 2023

Future sea level rise in Aotearoa and Antarctica

Among the most visible effects of human-induced global warming are rising seas around the world. What does this mean for Antarctica, and for Aotearoa New Zealand? Here's an overview of recent global and local trends from the Anta… Read More

Drilling rock core Friis Hills 2016 photo Richard Levy medium
7 July 2023

Friis Hills Drilling Project update

Frozen rocks can have a lot to say! GNS Science has profiled the ongoing research from sediment cores retrieved from Antarctica's Friis Hills. Read More