Scott Base Redevelopment Project Director

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9 February 2024

Scott Base Redevelopment Project Director and General Manager for Engineering, Jon Ager, has decided to return home to the United Kingdom for family reasons, but not before he has helped to identify a way forward for the Scott Base Redevelopment Project.

Antarctica New Zealand was not able to reach an agreement on commercial terms with Leighs Construction and is working through a process to find a way for the project to be built within budget.

Mr Ager has led the Scott Base Redevelopment, Asset and Engineering teams for the past two years.

“I am proud to lead two teams who have prepared the ground for an amazing base that will support New Zealand’s world-leading science well into the future. Delivering the most cost-effective new base in the harshest environment in the World has been challenging, but I am optimistic that I, and the team, will find a solution in the next few months,” he says.

Mr Ager will return home to the UK for family reasons at the end of May, when he will leave Antarctica New Zealand.

Maintaining a presence in Antarctica is of strategic importance to New Zealand. Antarctica New Zealand is committed to the safe and successful delivery of a redevelopment project that will allow New Zealand to continue its Antarctic presence and scientific research programme.