Stuff Paul Woodgate1
16 April 2021

Paul Woodgate, 40 years of “moving stuff”

If you want to get anything to Scott Base, Paul “Woody” Woodgate’s your man.Lorde, Sir Edmund Hillary, Princess Anne, Prime Ministers, bulldozers, helicopters, ice cores, avocados, buildings and toilet paper. No matter how big, a… Read More

Enviro windfarm pic
12 March 2021

Diamond standards are a government agency’s best friend!

Antarctica New Zealand is thrilled to announce we have achieved ISO 14001 certification for our environmental management system! This is on top of our Toitū enviromark diamond certification and Toitū carbonreduceOur Environmental… Read More

Beaked whales 3
8 March 2021

A whale of a time at Scott Base

As lucky as finding a needle in a haystack, Scott Base has been visited by elusive Arnoux’s beaked whales.Two pods of the notoriously secretive whales were spotted by the Antarctica New Zealand team at Scott Base. The team scramb… Read More

Antarctica image
10 February 2021

Iceperts arrive in Christchurch

In a normal season, New Zealand’s Antarctic scientists would either be at Scott Base or just returning from Antarctica. Instead they are gathering in Christchurch for the Antarctic Science Conference and the Snow and Ice Research… Read More

5 February 2021

Ride in Scott Base style

It is 17 years old and has 40,560 kilometres on the clock, but those are 40 thousand kilometres like no other vehicle in the world. Antarctica New Zealand is selling a 2004 Toyota Landcruiser Troop Carrier.The truck has spent the… Read More

Ian Hawes
3 February 2021

What the future could hold for Antarctica’s unique ecosystems

Kiwi researchers are among twenty-five world-leading Antarctic biologists who have come together to produce a comprehensive “state-of-the-nation” style article on Antarctica’s ecosystems. From microscopic bacteria, to penguins an… Read More