Big Lift Shipping MC Class Vessel new base
3 March 2023

Antarctic voyage to echo history

The countdown is on! The specialist ship that will deliver the new Scott Base research station to Antarctica has been booked for January 2027 – exactly 70 years after the original base opened in 1957. Antarctica New Zealand and L… Read More

Recruitment Jamie
1 March 2023

Join us at Scott Base. We're hiring!

Now’s the chance to join the stellar team that supports Antarctic research at Scott Base and in the field for the 2023/24 season. We are seeking a team of about 40 – from engineers and mechanics, to cleaners and chefs – to keep N… Read More

Lorde in Antarctica
24 February 2023

Lorde! That's good for climate change

Lorde has put her money where her mouth is and donated $120,000 to climate change science in Antarctica. The singer, whose real name is Ella Yelich-O’Connor, visited Antarctica in 2019 with the Antarctica New Zealand Community En… Read More

Fig 2 Drilling v2 Raster 01
31 January 2023

Uncovering Antarctica secrets through international drilling initiative

A ground-breaking Antarctic drilling system has been designed and constructed in Porirua. "Sediment cores are crucial for climate studies as they allow us to glimpse into past periods when climate was warmer than today and like t… Read More

Scott Base by Al Chapman
30 January 2023

COVID at Scott Base

After a fantastic run since the start of the pandemic in 2020, COVID-19 reached our Antarctic research station in late January. The first positive case was detected on 24 January, the last on 30 January. We returned to normal ope… Read More

Emperor Close Up 1 Medium By Anthony Powell, Cape Crozier 2022
5 January 2023

Saving Antarctica’s emperors: Technology follows penguins’ every move

GPS-based technology is helping researchers to learn more about Antarctica’s majestic emperor penguins’ feeding patterns as part of efforts to protect the species from environmental threats. Birds at the Cape Crozier emperor colo… Read More