GNS ice core photo from their web story about RICE cores nature paper Sept 2023
13 September 2023

Record of abrupt change to global climate uncovered in Antarctic ice

Dust carried by westerly winds to Antarctica 32,000 years ago has revealed a rapid shift in the westerlies towards the equator, providing new evidence of the existence of thresholds in our climate system. Read More

Vic GPS GNS 0097 cropped
11 September 2023

Nature paper: Research reveals climate record embedded in Antarctic ice

How fast will climate change happen? Canterbury University climate modeller Dr Abhijith Ulayottil Venugopal is part of a team that's found a clue, in a 764-metre ice core recovered from the ice a decade ago. Read More

Sun 2 Matty Jordan Antarctica New Zealand
5 September 2023

Early and long-lasting ozone hole, forecasts NIWA

NIWA scientists are predicting that the Antarctic ozone hole will stay around for longer than usual this year, largely due climate change and the 2022 Tonga volcanic eruption. Read More

Scott Base AA sign by Anthony Powell medium
1 September 2023

Community Engagement Programme applications are open

We’re back! After a three-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Antarctica New Zealand is re-opening the Community Engagement Programme (CEP). This unique programme allows media, artists, educators and writers to visit Antarc… Read More

Emperor Close Up
25 July 2023

Antarctic scientists gather in Christchurch

There’s an avalanche of Antarctic researchers in Ōtautahi this week, with scientists from around the globe gathering in the gateway city for back-to-back international conferences that put a spotlight on climate change. Antarctic… Read More

Friis Hills Taylor Glacier East Antarctic Ice Sheet beyond
31 May 2023

Antarctica's McMurdo Dry Valleys haven't always been dry, study suggests

When were the Dry Valleys last wet? It’s a question that’s long puzzled Antarctic researchers, but Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington adjunct lecturer Dr Marjolaine Verret may now have the answer. Read More