Fig 2 Drilling v2 Raster 01
31 January 2023

Uncovering Antarctica secrets through international drilling initiative

A ground-breaking Antarctic drilling system has been designed and constructed in Porirua. "Sediment cores are crucial for climate studies as they allow us to glimpse into past periods when climate was warmer than today and like t… Read More

Scott Base by Al Chapman
30 January 2023

COVID at Scott Base

UPDATE 7 February: Scott Base is once again free of COVID, with the final members of our crew out of isolation and no new cases detected in the past week. We will continue to test and monitor. COVID-19 has reached Scott Base. T… Read More

Emperor Close Up 1 Medium By Anthony Powell, Cape Crozier 2022
5 January 2023

Saving Antarctica’s emperors: Technology follows penguins’ every move

GPS-based technology is helping researchers to learn more about Antarctica’s majestic emperor penguins’ feeding patterns as part of efforts to protect the species from environmental threats. Birds at the Cape Crozier emperor colo… Read More

Permafrost work in the Dry Valleys
22 December 2022

What’s lurking under Antarctica’s Dry Valleys?

A team of international scientists will head back to Antarctica this month to try and unlock the carbon secrets of the McMurdo Dry Valleys. In an international collaboration with Italy’s National Institute of Geophysics and Volca… Read More

28102022 NZHMSARDERNICE11 resized
6 December 2022

Fresh understanding of ice age frequency

A chance find of an unstudied Antarctic sediment core has flipped our understanding of how often ice ages occurred in Antarctica. Turns out, they were much more frequent than previously assumed. Read More

Adelie penguin inspecting machinery Photo Matthew Jordan
2 December 2022

Penguin flies high on TikTok

A social media post of a penguin stopping traffic at Scott Base has gone viral, with more than five and a half million views in two days! International media have already been in touch wanting to use the intriguing imagery. Matth… Read More