Antarctica New Zealand COVID-19 update

Sunrise 2
25 August 2021

As we are currently in Alert Level Four, our Christchurch office is closed and our staff are working from home.

Antarctica New Zealand has essential business status, this is to allow our warehouse team to continue to get critical cargo to Scott Base. We’re also currently in the middle of winter flights (Winfly).

For the coolest bubble, the Scott Base bubble, life mostly continues as normal. They’ve been in ice-olation all winter and no new Scott Base staff members are flying south at Winfly. Scott Base remains COVID-19 free, and last week our team on the ice also got a glimpse of the sun for the first time since winter. Once again, Antarctica seems like the best place on the planet right now!

Back home in New Zealand, we are still planning for the season ahead, our new Scott Base staff members for the 2021/22 summer season are currently undertaking pre-deployment training, known as ANZAP (Antarctica New Zealand Awareness Programme), online of course!

Our focus remains keeping our Christchurch and Scott Base staff safe, and managing the risks of COVID-19.

Stay safe, and from our Antarctic bubble to yours, kia kaha.