The warmest farewell to the coldest travellers

26 September 2018

New Zealand’s home at the bottom of the world is about to rev into action again with the beginning of the Antarctic science season.

Forty Antarctica New Zealand staff, who will run Scott Base over the Austral summer, have spent the last month training for their next five months in the icy climes of McMurdo Sound.

Electricians, carpenters, chefs, domestics … all jobs are covered to keep the 86-bed research station operating for New Zealand’s world-leading scientists to conduct their work at the bottom of the world.

The first flight-load of southern workers will leave on Monday morning but before then, the city of Christchurch - one of only five of the world’s gateway cities to Antarctica - will collectively thank each of the National Antarctic Programmes along with the myriad of businesses that operate out of Christchurch to support research on the ice.

With support from the diplomatic sector, the festival focuses on ‘changemakers’ and ChristchurchNZ has a swathe of ice-loving events organised for the week, celebrating Christchurch’s relationship with Antarctica.

Christchurch skies will roar on Thursday as TWO Globemaster C17s buzz the city to mark the festivities. The first will fly into the Christchurch at 3pm followed by another at 5pm. They’ll carry the new Antarcticans south next week, but will first stop off to attend Air Day on Saturday. Everyone’s welcome along to get their Antarctic aircraft fix.

Events include:

  • Christchurch Antarctic Ignite Talks – speed talks about all things Antarctic
    • Thursday 27 September, 7-9pm
    • La Vida Conference Centre, Riccarton
  • Antarctic Air Day
    • Saturday 29 September, 10am-4pm
    • International Antarctic Centre, Christchurch Airport
  • South to Antarctica Church Service
    • Sunday 30 September, 10am
    • Transitional Cathedral

For full event details, visit ChristchurchNZ:


For further clarification, please contact:

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