Skua in flight by Anthony Powell 2223
25 March 2023

Saving penguin colonies from bird flu by collecting poo

A Kiwi scientist collecting penguin poo in a bid to save Antarctic colonies from a dangerous strain of bird flu says "once you get over the smell, it's fantastic". Read More

Penguins Nests and Poop
24 March 2023

Rapid response to protect penguins from bird flu

Professor Craig Cary wasn’t planning to spend part of his 2022/23 Antarctic deployment trekking around a penguin colony, collecting poo samples. Fortunately for the penguins, a rapid response to the threat of bird flu resulted in… Read More

Craig Stewart Photo
19 March 2023

I am a polar oceanographer – this is what I do

From his office at NIWA headquarters in Wellington, scientist Craig Stewart gets updates from the Southern Ocean, where climate change is starting to melt the ice shelves. Read More

Scott Base
14 March 2023

Forty jobs advertised at Antarctica's Scott Base

Is your 9-to-5 job getting a bit punishing? Or, are you after a unique view at work? Well, if you can get past the frozen tundra of the world's southern-most continent, it might be worth applying for one of the 40 jobs going at… Read More

180 Ice Floe 01 2000x1333 At the mercy of the ice Nat Geo
14 March 2023

At the mercy of the ice

In the Antarctic summer of 1972, four young scientists set off on a trimaran from Cape Bird for a quick outing on a clear day. They would spend the next five days stranded at sea. Read More

1678409497771 Thomas Robinson at Cape Crozier You Tube screenshot via Stuff
14 March 2023

Not the worst journey at all

He was headed for the destination of a 1911 Antarctic expedition dubbed the “worst journey in the world”, but Scott Base chef Thomas Robinson’s trip to Cape Crozier turned out to be a highlight of his 13 months in the snowy south… Read More