8 March 2021

Stuff | Scott Base: She's creaky but done us proud

Parts of Scott Base are creaking at the seams and the whole thing needs to be rebuilt. Read More

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4 March 2021

Keystone Trust | Scott Base Redevelopment - Karissa Hyde

Who would have thought a young woman from a farming family in Cheviot, North Canterbury, would end up as the Construction Manager for the Scott Base Redevelopment in Antarctica? Read More

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29 January 2021

Scott Base Redevelopment: Weather Station relocation

The construction of a new weather station at Scott Base will ensure the continuation of the longest-running data set of the southern continents weather.The station sits 135m from the existing one, which has been operating since 1… Read More

Lorde sitting down in antarctica
15 December 2020

Lorde’s Voyage to the End of the World

In February 2019, the pop star traveled to Antarctica to learn about the climate crisis firsthandI’ve been obsessed with Antarctica since I was a kid. Growing up in New Zealand, the race to the South Pole is mythologized like the… Read More

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24 November 2020

Scott Base staff continue Antarctic scientific project with coaching from New Zealand-based experts

Antarctica New Zealand has been able to continue an important project without all the scientists on the ice - Holly Henry, Newshub Read More

F shanhun adelie
23 November 2020

Contaminants expected in very old Antarctic penguin poo

University of a Waikato soil scientist Tanya O'Neil is studying Adélie guano in search of foreign contaminants. Will Harvie, Stuff Read More