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16 June 2022

Colour of Antarctica's Scott Base rebuild to reflect history

New Zealand’s home on the ice, Scott Base, will remain kākāriki/green. The results of Antarctica New Zealand’s vote which asked the country to vote for one of three colour choices for the exterior paint job – kikorangi, karaka or… Read More

SB and pressure ridges by Antz Powell
16 June 2022

Keep it green: Scott Base to stay its signature colour

New Zealand's icy outpost at the bottom of the planet is to stay its signature green, following a nationwide vote on what colour a redeveloped Scott Base should be. Read More

Hugh Brougton in the cardboard Scott Base
10 June 2022

Antarctica New Zealand get first look inside Scott Base redesign

Antarctica New Zealand have been given their first look inside the new, $357 million Scott Base. Not at the frozen edge of Ross Island, but 3800km north, not far from the construction site in Timaru. Read More

Our Changing Coastline - NZ Sea Rise
7 June 2022

A map of the future

Sea-level rise doesn’t affect coasts equally—one bay may be drowned while the beach next door remains the same as ever. Predicting sea-level rise needs to take into account tectonic movement of the land, prevailing winds, coastal… Read More

Ice water jet
7 June 2022

‘Hidden world’ of marine life discovered in Antarctic ‘river’ under ice

Beneath a vast Antarctic ice shelf, in a cathedral-like cavern hundreds of metres high, are swarms of little shrimp-like creatures in a newly discovered underwater ecosystem that, until recently, had remained an ice-locked secret. Read More

Drilling through Antarctic ice
7 June 2022

Kiwi scientists make astonishing discovery hundreds of metres under Antarctic ice

A team of New Zealand scientists have made an astonishing discovery 500 metres under the Antarctic ice. Read More