Sea ice
9 April 2024

Antarctica's sea ice hit another low this year

At the end of the southern summer, Antarctica’s sea ice hit its annual minimum. By at least one measure, which tracks the area of ocean that contains at least 15% of sea ice, it was a little above the record low of 2023. Read More

2024 01 LAURA BASSI cornellisen 03 - Drygalsky Ice Tongue and sea ice - Ross Sea Voyage 2024
21 March 2024

Podcast: The sea ice factories of Antarctica

Radio New Zealand's The Detail - If you want to study the health of the world's oceans, you need to get to their heartbeat. That's deep in the Ross Sea, where the sea ice factories of Antarctica - or polynyas - live. Read More

2024 01 LAURA BASSI cornellisen 07
20 March 2024

United Nations 'Red Alert'

Newshub - Every major global climate record was broken last year, says the World Meteorological Organization's annual State of the Global Climate report. Antarctic sea ice shrank by an area roughly the size of Egypt. Read More

RV Laura Bassi Ross Sea Voyage Photo by Lana Young
2 March 2024

Worryingly fast Antarctic ice melt

Scientists returning from a voyage into Antarctic waters say they found worrying evidence about how much ice has melted and how quickly. The ice-breaking ship the RV (Research Vessel) Laura Bassi returned to New Zealand waters on… Read More

Antarctica New Zealand jackets
21 February 2024

A summer on the ice: Antarctica is recruiting now

Have you ever wanted to work in Antarctica? Antarctica New Zealand is recruiting 40 people for the 2024/2025 season. The roles range from carpenter to chef, and are crucial to scientific research and conservation efforts. Read More

Scott Base and jackets
21 February 2024

Antarctica NZ recruiting for wide range of jobs including tradies, chefs, mechanics

Antarctica New Zealand is recruiting for the next season and they're looking for a wide range of skilled professionals including chefs, plumbers, carpenters, and mechanics. Read More