File 20230928 23 68fszb from The Conversation Michelle La Rue emperor penguin article and paper
2 October 2023

Some hope for emperor penuins

The Conversation - Emperor penguins face a bleak future – but some colonies will do better than others. New Zealand ecologist Michelle LaRue looks at where the penguins live and if they can move to escape warming climes. Read More

Sea ice low graphic from The Conversation
27 September 2023

More sea ice measurements and much better models

The Conversation - After two seasons of record-breaking lows, Antarctica’s sea ice remains in dramatic decline, tracking well below any winter maximum levels observed since satellite monitoring began during the late 1970s. Read More

Objective 1 iceberg penguins J Blatch
8 September 2023

Antarctica warming much faster than predicted

The Guardian - Antarctica is likely warming at almost twice the rate of the rest of the world, according to new research. Kiwi scientist Kyle Clem helps explain what this means for the planet. Read More

ANZSC2133 2 tif
25 August 2023

Fresh findings add to fears iconic emperor penguin is on path to extinction

NZ Herald - The world’s tallest and heaviest penguin - featured in everything from Happy Feet to Antarctica New Zealand’s own logo - the emperor has long been the white continent’s best-known ambassador. But shifts in their icy … Read More

Crozier Emperor outer colony 2022
25 August 2023

Not a single emperor penguin chick survived spring in parts of Antarctica

Stuff - As the world goes through what some scientists believe to be its hottest year on record, emperor penguin populations in the Antarctic are suffering catastrophic losses, with no chicks surviving the spring of 2022 in four … Read More

Natalie Robison fom The Press sea ice conference story
27 July 2023

Concerns over melting sea ice dominates Antarctica conference

The Press - As wildfires and heatwaves dominate the headlines in the Northern Hemisphere, a Trans-Tasman gathering bringing hundreds of Antarctic experts to a three-day conference in Christchurch has the focus squarely on the bot… Read More