About Us

About Us

Antarctica New Zealand is the government agency responsible for carrying out New Zealand's activities in Antarctica supporting world leading science and environmental protection. We work to ensure that Antarctica's environment continues to be protected, that scientists are supported to find the answers to complex scientific questions, and that science outcomes are communicated back to policy makers and the public. With almost 60 years' experience working in Antarctica, New Zealand is recognised a leader in the international treaty system, and has a strong commitment to the natural environment. Demystifying science through strong outreach and education is an essential part of our mandate.

Our Culture of Shared Beliefs

Antarctica and the Southern Ocean: Valued, Protected, Understood

Inspiring people to connect with Antarctica, through knowledge and collaboration.


  • We are passionate about what we do
  • We care for each other and the environment
  • We work together
  • We act with integrity
  • We aspire to the highest standards

Safety: We have an uncompromising commitment to each other’s safety.

Sustainability: We will incorporate principles of social, environmental and financial sustainability into all that we do.

Learning: Feedback is actively encouraged and we will learn from previous experiences to continuously improve our performance.

Quality: We strive to deliver ever-improving value to our stakeholders.

Health, Safety & Environment: Antarctica New Zealand has an uncompromising commitment to the health, safety, the environment and wellbeing of our staff, contractors and visitors. Further information on this commitment is available in our Health and Safety Policy and our Environmental Policy.