Lorde on Going South

10 December 2020

“I have dreamt about Antarctica every week for months. Every few nights there are Emperor penguins in my garden or there is like some expansive white..it gets you on a sort of subconscious level… it’s just the coolest thing that will ever happen to me."

That from Lorde as she reflects on her 2019 trip to Antarctica. Lorde spent just over a week at Scott Base; visiting scientists in the field, learning more about Antarctica’s role in the global earth system and the impact climate change is having on the frozen continent.

Following her trip she has created a coffee table book filled with photos and essays called Going South. Antarctica New Zealand is delighted to announce that the proceeds from the sale of the book will fund Antarctic science scholarships. You can get your own copy of Going South on pre-order here

Lorde has also written about her experiences and shared photos in Metro and Rolling Stone magazines.

Watch Lorde talk about her visit here