Scott barry
25 September 2019

Ngāi Tahu Tourism and Antarctica New Zealand launch partnership

A new partnership between Ngāi Tahu Tourism and Antarctica New Zealand will see a glacier guide temporarily swap the ice of Kā Roimata-a-Hinehukatere (Franz Josef Glacier) for the chill of Antarctica. The summer secondment is bei… Read More

Artists impression proposed Scott Base Medium
23 September 2019

Could you build our base in Antarctica?

Antarctica New Zealand is looking for a construction partner for the Scott Base Redevelopment project. But this is a job interview with a difference: the selection process involves a trip to Antarctica. “This is no junket though… Read More

Tim Naish
18 September 2019

Welcome Tim Naish

The Antarctic Science Platform is delighted to announce a new addition to its leadership team, internationally renowned Antarctic scientist, Professor Tim Naish. The Victoria University of Wellington Professor will look after a … Read More

National Insitute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA)
29 August 2019

National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) PhD Scholarship

The Southern Ocean helps regulate the Earth’s climate system and supports unique and biodiverse ecosystems. The microbial communities of the Southern Ocean - bacteria, phytoplankton, and microzooplankton - are the foundation of A… Read More

Dan Lowry
15 August 2019

Marvellous modelling

A new model, developed by a New Zealand PhD student, could help to more accurately predict how Antarctica’s ice sheets will respond to a warming world and impact global sea level rise. Dan Lowry, from Victoria University of Well… Read More