Spotlight on Antarctic science

Antarctic Science Conference
24 June 2019

Over the next three days, Antarctic researchers from across the country will come together in Christchurch for the biennial New Zealand Antarctic Science Conference.

This year’s theme is Our Future in Focus and the conference runs from the 17th until the 19th of June.

Our Future in Focus will showcase the latest findings from New Zealand’s Antarctic research programme, and discuss research and policy imperatives. It’s the country’s biggest Antarctic science event, involving well-known researchers and seasoned Antarcticians.

Last season, researchers travelled one thousand kilometres south of Scott Base to the Siple Coast where the Ross Ice Shelf becomes a floating extension of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. On Tuesday, researchers will discuss the global significance of the Ross Ice Shelf and present initial findings on its stability in a warming world.

Antarctica New Zealand Chief Scientific Advisor Dr Fiona Shanhun says the conference will bring together some of New Zealand’s leading Antarctic researchers.

“The New Zealand Antarctic Science Conference is a highlight for our research community. More than 160 people will come together to share and learn about the latest discoveries,” she says.

Well known comedian Te Radar is hosting ‘Antarctica After Dark’ which is an evening of public talks covering everything from historic exploration and discovery to cutting-edge research. Antarctica After Dark will be held at the Great Hall of the Christchurch Arts Centre tonight.

Antarctica New Zealand is thrilled to announce the recipients of four postgraduate scholarships. This year’s scholarships have been awarded to: Olivia Truax, Maren Richter and Rilee Thomas from the University of Otago, and Shanelle Dyer from the University of Canterbury.

The scholarships are being formally announced at the conference Icebreaker this evening at the Christchurch Town Hall.


The full conference programme can be found here

For more information, or journalists who wish to attend please contact

Antarctica New Zealand Communications Advisor

Georgia Nelson

021 530 769