Hot off the ice: Read the Science Achievements Report

Antarctica New Zealands traverse ready to depart for Kamb Ice Stream to set up camp for the SWAIS2 C drilling project Anthony Powell Antarctica New Zealand
30 June 2024

From the Southern Ocean to the slopes of Mt Erebus, the Siple Coast and the northern reaches of Northern Victoria Land, the 2023-24 season saw a broad range of science on the ice.

Antarctica New Zealand has released its annual Science Achievements Report, highlighting key achievements of New Zealand’s Antarctic research programme during the season.

In 2023-24 there was a substantial increase of science activity compared to previous seasons, as the impact of climate change in Antarctica becomes increasingly stark.

Thirty-three science field teams deployed with the support of Antarctica New Zealand in a diverse programme, including a number of international collaborations.

The largest event, the SWAIS2C (Sensitivity of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet to 2°C) project, involved the overland traverse across the Ross Ice Shelf, and the deployment of a team of 27 to a remote camp location, 860km south-east of Scott Base.

Together, all of these projects demonstrate Aotearoa’s continuing and strong commitment to ensure Antarctica and the Southern Ocean remain valued, protected and understood.

Download the full report here: Policies & Publications | Antarctica New Zealand (