Scott Base, New Zealand's only Antarctic research station, perches on a low volcanic headland called Pram Point at the Southern End of Ross Island, 3500kms south of Dunedin and 1350kms from the South Pole.

Its setting is dramatic. An active volcano, Erebus, looming over its shoulder. The Ross Ice Shelf in ramming mode out in front causing the land, pressure waves of ice rear up.

Location of Scott Base
  • Pram Point, Hut Point Peninsula, Ross Island in McMurdo Sound
  • 77 o 51' S, 166 o 46' E
  • 10 m above sea level

Out to the west, in McMurdo Sound, is the boundary between the Ross Ice Shelf and the sea ice that forms every winter. Beyond the sea ice, 90kms away is the jagged white outline of the Royal Society Range, with Mount Lister topping 4000m through crystal clear air.

Between October – February Scott Base is a bustling hub of science researchers. Scott Base can accommodate 85 people at any one time, during the summer season more than 300 guests stay on Base.