Project Update: Scott Base Redevelopment

Scott Base on 23 10 2023 b Photo Anthony Powell cropped
5 June 2024

The Antarctica New Zealand Board of Directors will meet this month to consider the future direction of the Scott Base Redevelopment project.

In 2023, Antarctica New Zealand paused the redevelopment of Scott Base as the cost to deliver the new base exceeded the project budget. The procurement process for the main construction partner concluded unsuccessfully in August.

Antarctica New Zealand is currently investigating ways of delivering the project that fit within the $498 million budget. The Board engaged external support to conduct an options analysis and established an external panel to provide further advice on these options and the project. This work has been completed and will be reviewed by the Board this month.

Antarctica New Zealand will prepare a revised Business Case for Cabinet’s consideration once a way forward for the project has been determined. Further planning and design work may be required to feed into the Business Case, depending on the nature of the decision.

As announced in Budget 24, Cabinet agreed that the remaining funding for the project will be held centrally but is tagged for the redevelopment of Scott Base.

Antarctic Season Planning

Planning for the Antarctic 2024-25 summer season is underway with a focus on the upgrade of the wind energy system and main base construction activity which will be required irrespective of the final design and construction methodology.

The Scott Base Redevelopment project consists of four parts: the relocation of long-term science experiments, the scope-limited refurbishment of the existing infrastructure to support the construction phase, the upgrade of the Ross Island Wind Energy system, and the design and construction of a main base.

The majority of the work to relocate long-term science experiments and the existing infrastructure modifications have been completed, and the replacement of the wind energy system continues unchanged.

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