SWAIS coreworkshop 3 Sally Knox
21 May 2024

SWAIS2C core workshop offers first glimpse of sediment from below Ross Ice Shelf

GNS Science - Sediment cores retrieved from Antarctica’s Siple Coast last summer were carefully opened and examined at a recent workshop at the Otago Repository for Core Analysis (ORCA), an important step in the hunt for clues ab… Read More

30 April 2024

The dynamics of the atmosphere

Since 1982, a long-term research study from the University of Canterbury has been examining the dynamics in the atmosphere above Antarctica, producing one of the longest records for Antarctica's atmospheric winds and wind speed. … Read More

Ross Ice Shelf Nov 2023 Photo High Chittock Antarctica New Zealand
23 April 2024

West Antarctica’s ice sheet was smaller thousands of years ago – here’s why this matters today

The Conversation - New research from Kiwi scientists tests two theories about why the West Antarctica Ice Sheet melts. It matters because sea level could displace millions of people by the end of this century. Read More

Royal New Zealand Navy Maritime Logistics Officer Sub Lieutenant Henry Cunningham Photo belongs to NZDF
28 March 2024

The Antarctic experience

New Zealand Defence Force - Royal New Zealand Navy Maritime Logistics Officer Sub Lieutenant Henry Cunningham shares his experience on deployment to the icy continent at the bottom of the planet. Read More

Craig Cary by Jane Ussher
11 March 2024

Renowned microbial biologist, Professor Craig Cary, leaves a legacy in extreme ecosystems

People around the world are mourning the loss of University of Waikato microbial biologist, Professor Craig Cary, who dedicated his life to research in some of the world’s toughest environments. Professor Cary passed away unexpec… Read More

NZDF training
13 November 2023

Surviving the cold

Antarctica New Zealand field training specialists support the Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape (SERE) Training Centre on a five-day cold weather survival course on Mt Ruapehu. Read More