Rob Fenwick and Hillary Clinton Art Brown state nine photographer unknown
8 November 2022

Farewell, Art Brown

Antarctica New Zealand bids a fond farewell to Art Brown, former NSF representative in New Zealand. Arthur ‘Art’ Brown, legendary in Antarctic circles, passed away peacefully on 5th November 2022, aged 87 years. Art dedicated ne… Read More

Fire training at Scott Base 2022
28 October 2022

Fighting fires on ice

Antarctica’s New Zealand base, Scott Base is well-equipped with smoke alarms, heat-detectors, and fire extinguishers. But there is no doubt that if a fire were to start, or an incident were to occur, they would need trained perso… Read More

A member of the Antarctic programme on the tarmac
27 May 2022

New Zealand's gateway to Antarctica

Christchurch is one of only five gateways in the world to Antarctica and it’s the Harewood Terminal team who work behind the scenes to help make New Zealand’s contribution to Operation Antarctica possible. Read More