Update: Scott Base Redevelopment

Scott Base with Erebus by Fiona Shanhun small
10 October 2023

Antarctica New Zealand has not been able, at this stage, to reach an agreement on commercial terms with Leighs Construction Limited for the Scott Base Redevelopment project.

Antarctica New Zealand will now consider a range of options on how to progress the project. This options analysis is expected to take ten weeks, utilising a team of external and internal experts. Some of the work already underway at Scott Base will continue in preparation for a recommended option. This includes the upgrade to the Ross Island Wind Energy system.

Maintaining a presence in Antarctica is of strategic importance to New Zealand. Antarctica New Zealand is committed to the safe and successful delivery of a redevelopment project that will allow Aotearoa New Zealand to continue its presence and Antarctic research programme for another 50+ years.

A full research season will begin this month and will be unaffected by the options analysis process. It is imperative that Antarctic and Southern Ocean science continues to investigate how the continent and its ecosystems will be impacted by climate change, and how those changes will influence the rest of the planet.