Staying South
20 March 2018

Staying South

New Zealand has a near-century old toehold in Antarctica. It will cost $150m to keep it. In the 1980s, when the ozone hole was the most important research effort underway in Antarctica, a new lab was tacked on to the west end of … Read More

IMG 8584
16 January 2018

Buffeted bt wind, history and amazing people

Chris Ansin recalls with exhilaration the moments he lay holding down the roof of an historic Antarctic hut – pummelled by bitterly cold gale-force winds. Read More

Chris Ansin
15 January 2018

Buffeted by wind, history and amazing people

The final job in saving Sir Edmund Hillary’s hut in Antarctica has been completed, with the help of a violin maker-turned-engineer determined to do his bit for the planet. Suzanne McFadden reports. Chris Ansin recalls with exhila… Read More

One news
8 January 2018

Antarctic scientists help Kiwi weather models by releasing hi-tech helium balloons linked to the internet

Antarctic scientists have found a way to help us better predict our weather forecasts in New Zealand. A lot of the research is being done by remote control. Helium balloons linked to the internet have been launched over the ice t… Read More

Corey Baker
11 December 2017

Dancing on Antarctica ice a historic first for Kiwi dancer

A frozen desert home to scientists, researchers, penguins and seals, Antarctica is not the kind of place you expect to find dancers performing outdoors especially given temperatures as low as -89.2C. At the height of summer, it r… Read More

7 December 2017

Antarctica's Ross Sea massive marine protected area comes into force

After five years of work, led by New Zealand and the United States, the world's second-largest marine protected area (MPA) has officially come into action in waters off Antarctica. The Ross Sea MPA safeguards more than 1.55 milli… Read More