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5 April 2019

Youthfull toothfish abound

They live more than 1000 metres below the surface in the coldest darkest parts of the Southern Ocean, but the elusive juvenile Antarctic toothfish hold some of the most important insights into the future of the Ross Sea populatio… Read More

29 March 2019

Māori Carvers head to Antarctica copy

Two Māori carvers head to Antarctica next week to complete and install a traditional carving at Scott Base, New Zealand’s headquarters on the ice. The work to be unveiled is one of the first examples of traditional Māori carving … Read More

25 March 2019

Antarctica Unfrozen, a podcast series

A young Cantabrian is hoping to unfreeze Antarctic science mystery with a new podcast series. Antarctica Unfrozen, created by 21-year-old Blake Antarctic Ambassador Harry Seagar, launches today. In February he spent 11 days in A… Read More

Warren Maxwell in Antarctica
21 March 2019

Hip hop penguins and awe inspiring aurora

“We’ve got these badass hip hop penguins, a live dancer and amazing footage of seals in the water.” Creative Director Jason O’Hara describing just a small taste of what to expect during his new immersive cine-dance experience Whe… Read More

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14 March 2019

Diving to new depths for Antarctic science

A piece of Kiwi technology being used to support Antarctic science has captured fascinating footage of life beneath the surface in McMurdo Sound. This year, as part of her research into the Ross Sea region Marine Protected Area, … Read More

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20 February 2019

Killer footage confirms toothfish on the menu

Antarctic scientist Dr Regina Eisert has captured extraordinary footage of her close encounter with a killer whale on the edge of the sea ice. The encounter happened last week in the final few hours of Dr Eisert’s research for th… Read More