News antarctica tide guage 2023
18 December 2023

Vital survey and infrastructure work on frozen continent

A piece of frozen, rocky ground at Antarctica’s Arrival Heights now hosts important infrastructure that will help deliver more accurate, more reliable GPS to New Zealand and Australia. Read More

24 November 2023

Kiwi scientists complete world-first mission inside Antarctica's Mt Erebus volcano

Scientists have successfully extracted one of the rarest and oldest living organisms on Earth from Mount Erebus in Antarctica. Read More

Sea ice photo by Tim Haskell
21 November 2023

New Zealand scientists warn Antarctica's disappearing sea ice will directly impact life here

Antarctica New Zealand's Chief Scientist, Jordy Hendrikx, describes the direct impact of Antarctica's disappearing sea ice in New Zealand. Read More

West Antaractica ripped from news agu org
25 October 2023

Rapid melting in West Antarctica is 'unavoidable', study finds

Newshub - Even if the world meets ambitious targets to limit global heating, West Antarctica will experience substantial ocean warming and ice shelf melting, according to a new study published in Nature Climate Change. Read More

18 October 2023

More than 200 scientists from 19 countries want to tell us the Southern Ocean is in trouble

In 2018 the international scientific community agreed to produce the first marine ecosystem assessment for the Southern Ocean. It's been released today. Read More

11 October 2023

Ash buried in Antarctica from Taupō's big blow

NZ Herald - Ash found buried deep in Antarctic ice shows the massive eruptive power of the Taupō super volcano. Volcanic glass shards were found at a depth of 279m in the Roosevelt Island Climate Evolution ice core. Read More