Starlink install at Scott Base Credit Ed Anscombe
29 April 2023

Connecting with Scott Base now easier after Starlink installed

Connecting with Antarctica is now easier than ever with Starlink bringing a whole new world of communication. Read More

Existing turbines at Crater Hill 2009 10 Credit George L Blaisdell
12 April 2023

Stuff | Wind turbine replacement project to power Antarctica's Scott Base

Three new wind turbines will sail to Ross Island, Antarctica, next summer to power the new Scott Base development. Read More

Sea ice photo by Tim Haskell
11 April 2023

Why is Antarctic sea ice vanishing?

Researchers in our southernmost continent were shocked to find stretches of sea ice disappearing, and while they don't know why it's happening, the consequences could be catastrophic. Read More

Aurora over Scott Base
5 April 2023

Man braves freezing Antarctic winter night to capture natural spectacle

Venturing into the icy tundra of Antarctica, Matthew Jordan braced himself against the -29 degree cold, for he, with camera in hand, was on a mission. The Perth man was about to capture one of nature's most dazzling spectacles, w… Read More

Skua in flight by Anthony Powell 2223
25 March 2023

Saving penguin colonies from bird flu by collecting poo

A Kiwi scientist collecting penguin poo in a bid to save Antarctic colonies from a dangerous strain of bird flu says "once you get over the smell, it's fantastic". Read More

Penguins Nests and Poop
24 March 2023

Rapid response to protect penguins from bird flu

Professor Craig Cary wasn’t planning to spend part of his 2022/23 Antarctic deployment trekking around a penguin colony, collecting poo samples. Fortunately for the penguins, a rapid response to the threat of bird flu resulted in… Read More