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Ice Age characters take advantage of new winter flights to Antarctica
Buck Sid SB Sign Snowy
25 July 2016, Antarctic Media Latest Videos

It turns out there are more latent thespians at Scott Base than previously suspected. Antarctica New Zealand's 11-member winter team have been sharing Ice Age adventures with Sid the Sloth and Buck the Weasel.

Oldest Antarctic relics being conserved by Canterbury Museum
30 June 2016, Antarctic Media Latest Videos

Some of the oldest human relics from Antarctica are being conserved, including objects taken from the huts of the first party to spend winter on the ice.

Dan Corbett in Antarctica: Surviving and thriving on the windiest place on earth
Dan Corbett in Antarctica
24 November 2015, Antarctic Media Latest Videos

TVNZ's weatherman looks at the love-hate relationship Scott Base has with the icy winds that whip Antarctica.

Antarctica's past key to our future
23 November 2015, Antarctic Media Latest Videos

Antarctica used to be host to beech forests, and if we carry on the way we are, the trees will one day return.