Science on Ice - Episode 4

Whitebait Media

Sonny gets a tour of Scott Base, home away from home for all kiwis in Antarctica. He learns how they turn sea water into drinking water and how they use poo-eating bugs to deal with the waste.

Science on Ice - Episode 3

Whitebait Media

Sonny heads to McMurdo Station and the famous Crary Lab where he learns about the mysterious world of sea slugs and spiders, and the scientists diving underwater in the Antarctic to study them.

Science on Ice - Episode 2

Whitebait Media

Sonny catches a helicopter to meet some of Antarctica's adelie and emperor penguins, tries out a loo with a view and helps the scientists by collecting some penguin poo.

Science on Ice - Episode 1

Science On Ice - Whitebait Media

Sonny travels to the coldest, windiest, driest place on earth, camps out on the ice and meets a 'seal whisperer', even hearing the songs of seals underwater.

Science on Ice: Epidsode Four - Microorganisim Guess who

Science on Ice - Whitebait Media

Guess the microorganisims - Part of Lesson Plan for Science on Ice: Episode 4

Science on Ice: Episode Three - Draw an Antarctic Sea Pig

Science on Ice - Whitebait Media

Draw an Antarctic Sea Pig - Part of Lesson Plan for Science on Ice: Episode 3

Science on Ice: Episode Three - Label a Sea Spider

Science on Ice - Whitebait Media

Label a Sea Spider and understand how it functions! Part of Lesson Plan for Science on Ice: Episode 3

Science On Ice: Episode One - Food Web

Science on Ice - Whitebait Media

Food Web resource - Part of Lesson Plan for Science on Ice: Episode 1

LEARNZ Virtual Field Trips


Virtual field trips target primary and secondary schools are closely linked to the NZ curriculum, in particular science, social studies and geography. They can also be used by other subject teachers.

Webinar with Scott Base!

Antarctica New Zealand

NZ School children will hear directly from a panel of three Antarcticians on the history of Scott Base, how they support important climate science in Antarctica and the animals that live there.

Links to websites

Lincoln Primary School

Resource of links to websites about Antarctica.

Blubber Glove Science Experiment

Lincoln Primary School

Activity experiment testing the adaptation of blubber in Antarctic animals.

Blubber Glove Experiement

Lincoln Primary School

Activity about how blubber provides insulation for Antarctica animals.

Animal Adaptation Recording Sheet

Lincoln Primary School

Recording sheet for Animal Adaptation lesson - Emperor Penguins.

Animal Adaptations Emperor Penguin Inquiry

Lincoln Primary School

Lesson about penguin adaptations to living in Antarctica and categorising them into Structural, Behavioural or Physiological.

Antarctica Inquiry

Lincoln Primary School

Ten week learning plan for a general introduction to Antarctica.

Antarctic Penguins

Lincoln Primary School

Eight week learning plan about Antarctic Penguins and how they look after their young.

Antarctic Animals Inquiry

Lincoln Primary School

Four-part lesson plan about the different animals that live in Antarctica and the characteristics that help them to survive.