Science On Ice: Episode Four- Lesson Plan

Whitebait Media

Science on Ice: Episode Four - Lesson plan

Science on Ice: Epidsode Four - Grocery shopping list for Scott Base

Whitebait Media

How to shop for Scott Base - Part of Lesson Plan for Science on Ice: Episode 4

Antarctic Literacy Learning links

Science Learning Hub

This teacher resource lists selected articles from the Connected and School Journal reading series that support the science concepts when teaching about Antarctica.

Chilled - A story with a warm message

Elanti Media

This resource is designed to be used by you as you plan lessons for your class, leading up to and following the attendance of our performance of Chilled at your school.

Antarctica 3D Nets

Lincoln Primary School

Activity about designing tents that could withstand Antarctic conditions, using 3D geometric shapes.

Scott Base - Maths Level 3 Area, Perimeter and 3D Shapes

Lincoln Primary School

Seven part learning plan about creating a new design for Scott Base using area, perimeter, and 3D shapes.

Scott Base - New Zealand's Base in Antarctica

Lincoln Primary School

Resource about Scott Base's facilities and redevelopment in Antarctica, including a tour of the base.

Maths Antarctica Distances

Lincoln Primary School

Activity comparing distances, speed and time to get to Antarctica.

Glaciers of Antarctica

Lincoln Primary School

Activity about using decimals and graphs to record facts about Antarctica's glaciers.

Average Daily Temperatures for Stations and Bases in Antarctica

Lincoln Primary School

Activity about reading and creating graphs about daily temperature data in Antarctica.

Antarctic Penguin Populations

Lincoln Primary School

Activity about understanding and comparing graphs of Antarctic penguin populations.

Antarctica Maths Geometry

Lincoln Primary School

Term Length Learning Plan about making geometic shapes and patterns with tessellation.

Antarctica Planning

Lincoln Primary School

Six week learning plan based on learner's first wonderings about Antarctica.