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Antarctic Literacy Learning links

Science Learning Hub

This teacher resource lists selected articles from the Connected and School Journal reading series that support the science concepts when teaching about Antarctica.

Take a journey through this site and discover Antarctica for yourself. Each section features activities, images, video clips and fact sheets, to help you learn about this distant, frozen wilderness.

LEARNZ Virtual Field Trips


Virtual field trips target primary and secondary schools are closely linked to the NZ curriculum, in particular science, social studies and geography. They can also be used by other subject teachers.

Antartica Inquiry Ideas

Lincoln Primary School

Inquiry and three week learning plan about Antarctica's unique envionment and climate change

Rotation of the Earth

Lincoln Primary School

Activity about Antarctica's placement on the earth and why Antarctica so cold.

Predatory vs Prey

Lincoln Primary School

Game about predator-prey relationships in the Antarctic food chain.

Ocean Acidification

Lincoln Primary School

Three part activity about carbon dioxide and the acidic effects on the ocean.

Antarctica Research Sites

Lincoln Primary School

List of 15 websites and factsheets for researching about Antarctica.

Antarctica Maths Geometry

Lincoln Primary School

Term Length Learning Plan about making geometic shapes and patterns with tessellation.


Lincoln Primary School

Activity about types of transportation in Antarctica.

Persuasive Argument Letter to Prime Minister

Lincoln Primary School

Activity about writing a persuasive argument to protect penguins of Antarctica.

If you could go to Antarctica

Lincoln Primary School

Activity using WOW words to describe reasons for visiting Antarctica.

Greenhouse Gases Global Warming

Lincoln Primary School

Activity sheet about global warming and the possible effects on Antarctica

Climate Fiction Information Report

Lincoln Primary School

Two part activity about writing an information-based report and a fictional story about the effects of climate change.

Antarctic Food Chain Narrative

Lincoln Primary School

Six week learning plan about writing a day-in-the-life narrative about how animals survive in Antarctica, and the Antarctic food web.

Antarctic Acrostic Poem

Lincoln Primary School

Activity: Create a poem using phrases that are relevant to Antarctic WOW words.