Tiriti O Waitangi

Our Commitment

Antarctica New Zealand acknowledges Te Tiriti o Waitangi and its contemporary application with principles of partnership, participation and protection. These are familiar concepts to Antarctica New Zealand – an organisation that operates closely with international Antarctic Programmes and scientists to support world-class research in Antarctica. Antarctica New Zealand continues to embrace the biculturalism of Aotearoa and uphold these principles as they apply to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Ma te rongo ka mohio
Ma te mohio ka marama
Ma te marama ka matau
Ma te matau ka ora

Through perception comes awareness
Through awareness comes understanding
Through understanding comes knowledge
Through knowledge comes well being


  • Antarctica New Zealand has enduring, collaborative relationships with Ngāi Tahu/Iwi.
  • Communication is meaningful, ongoing, reciprocal and transparent


  • Māori diversity and collaboration is valued and celebrated
  • Māori staff are empowered to work ‘as Māori’.
  • All staff are empowered to learn about and engage in Māoritanga.


  • In the interest of all, Māori have the same rights and opportunities as non-Māori.
  • Māori perspectives and opinions are represented.