Logistics Support Request

Logistics support requests

There are two critical steps for scientists to take before they can conduct research with New Zealand’s Antarctic Science Programme:

1. Obtain research funding
2. Obtain logistical support (for those with a field component)

Research Funding
There are a number of ways that scientists can access funds for the research component of their work, to cover costs such as salaries, equipment, analyses and consumables. These include funds from government agencies (e.g. MBIE, MPI, the Marsden Fund, businesses and philanthropists (administered by NZARI). In most instances, the home institutions of the researchers provide matched funding. Antarctica New Zealand awards postgraduate scholarships annually in order to support the next generation of Antarctic researchers. For more information, please contact Fiona Shanhun, our Acting Chief Scientific Advisor

Logistical Support
One of Antarctica New Zealand’s core functions is to support science in Antarctica by providing logistical support. The Government has acknowledged the significance of New Zealand’s Antarctic science programme by awarding an additional $16.7 million dollars over four years to support science in the 2016 Budget.
Scientists who have field work in Antarctica need to submit a Logistics Support Request to Antarctica New Zealand when they apply for research funding. This enables Antarctica New Zealand to assess the logistical feasibility, alignment with Government science priorities, environmental impact and the outreach opportunities associated with the proposed research.

Click to download the application template and guidelines.
Submit your Logistics Support Request to Esme Robinson, Science Programme Advisor by the same deadline as that of your research funding application.
For more information, please contact Esme Robinson our Science Programme Advisor.