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Official Information Act

Official Information Act 1982 (OIA)

The OIA promotes openness and transparency, and helps New Zealand Citizens access information held by New Zealand Government organisations.

Make an OIA request

Before making an OIA request, please see the Ombudsman guidance for information on the process.

After reading the guidance, you can email oia@antarcticanz.govt.nz with your information request.

Antarctica New Zealand will acknowledge your request as soon as we receive it.

We work to ensure that all OIA requests are responded to within the 20-working day time frame. However, some requests are larger than others, and might take longer to consult with other parties to gather the correct information. In these rare circumstances, we will request an extension, as stated in the Act. When you make your request if you can be as specific as possible this will help us to respond quickly, with less clarification required.

Charges may be applied where OIA requests substantial collation or research. For more information on charges, please see these guidelines


If information has been withheld or redacted in an OIA response, we will provide the clause within the Act under which it is redacted.

If you are unhappy with a response, please contact us in the first instance. Our goal is to provide transparent information to the best of our ability.

If we cannot resolve the query, you have the right to request a review from the Ombudsman.