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Nelson artist's exhibition documents Antarctic journeys of Scott and Shackleton
Sean Garwood
25 September 2017, Antarctic Media

On canvas, the polar expedition ship Terra Nova sits atop a stormy Southern Ocean, headed for Antarctica with the explorer Robert Falcon Scott on board. The oil painting is one of 16 by Nelson artist Sean Garwood,​ that tell the...

Big Antarctic iceberg edges out to sea
22 September 2017, Antarctic Media

The giant berg A-68 looks finally to be on the move. Recent weeks have seen it shuffle back and forth next to the Antarctic ice shelf from which it broke away, but the latest satellite imagery now indicates the near-6,000...

Australian National University study finds life could live under Antarctic ice
Ice Cave
08 September 2017, Antarctic Media

Previously undiscovered animals and plants may live in warm caves under Antarctica's glaciers, according to a new study led by the Australian National University.

Voting from Overseas: A Dummies Guide for New Zealanders
Overseas voting
06 September 2017, Antarctic Media

Overseas voting for New Zealanders abroad opens today. London-based Kiwi Talia Shadwell explains how to do it – and why you should.

Science Update - August 2017
ANZ logo colour A4 JPEG
01 September 2017, Antarctic Media

Ten Christchurch art exhibitions to see this September
Guy Frederick
01 September 2017, Antarctic Media

Describing himself as a multi-media artist and journalist, Guy Fredericks' photographs and interviews, and the postcards that Scott Base staff have written to the frozen continent, are a revelation.