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Antarctic Heritage Trust conservators found a 100 year old fruit cake among the artefacts from Cape Adare.
Fruit Cake
11 August 2017, Antarctic Media

Made by Huntley & Palmers, the fruit cake is still wrapped in paper and encased in the remains of a tin-plated iron alloy tin.

Postcards to Antarctica
07 August 2017, Antarctic Media

Guy Frederick talks about his upcoming 'Postcards to Antarctica' exhibition at Canterbury Museum.

Antarctica - Living at the End of the World
Antz Talk
31 July 2017, Events

Christchurch Antarctic Talks presents; 'Antarctica - Living at the end of the world' Producer of award winning film ‘Antarctica: A Year On Ice’, Anthony Powell has spent 10 winters in Antarctica, working first as an engineer before becoming a photographer...

Postcards to Antarctica
Guy Frederick
31 July 2017, Events

Postcards to Antarctica, an exhibition by Guy Frederick exploring the ways in which Antarctica leaves its mark on the people who work there. Scott Base staff and scientists share their personal reflections in a series of postcards written to the...

Life membership ‘quite a shock’
David Harrowfield
09 July 2017, Antarctic Media

David Harrowfield has dedicated several decades of his life to the world’s southernmost continent, an effort which has been recognised by the New Zealand Antarctic Society.

The winners and losers of Antarctica's great thaw
NZ Herald2
30 June 2017, Antarctic Media

When you think of Antarctica, you probably picture vast, continuous ice sheets and glaciers, with maybe a penguin or two thrown in.