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Alarm over Antarctic data
27 June 2017, Antarctic Media

NZ scientists hope to crack ice shelf health

Record decline in Antarctic sea ice
Radio NZ 3
26 June 2017, Antarctic Media

Too little data is being gathered in the Antarctic about potentially catastrophic effects of climate change, but New Zealand is taking a leading role in the work that is being done, a leading researcher says

New Zealand and the Antarctic
23 June 2017,

We are very excited to announce the launch of David Harrowfield's book 'New Zealand and the Antarctic' in commemoration of New Zealand's 60 year presence in Antarctica; this book covers the decade to 2017, when several key decisions resulted in...

Century-old polar samples yield new insights
Polar samples
21 June 2017, Antarctic Media

Scientists have analysed century-old specimens collected during the Discovery Expedition to Antarctica led by famed polar explorer Robert Falcon Scott

Antarctic storm: 'Like living in a wind tunnel'
NZ Herald
19 June 2017,

If you've found yourself complaining about the winter chill, spare a thought for Scott Base overwinter staff who spent the weekend locked down amid one of the fiercest forms of storm on the planet.

Kiwi researchers discover 'almost perfectly preserved' 118-year-old painting in Antarctica
Ed Wilson
13 June 2017, Antarctic Media

The New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust found the perfectly-preserved painting by Dr Edward Wilson in the hut at Cape Adare.