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What it's like to camp in Antarctica
Ice Wall
09 November 2017, Antarctic Media

Camping out in -25degC weather, several kilometres in the middle of nowhere, certainly comes with some challenges.

Fire and ice: Mapping the magma flow to Antarctica's most active volcano
fire ice mapping
08 November 2017, Antarctic Media

On a quest to map the magma source of Mount Erebus in Antarctica, one of the most remote and highly active volcanoes in the world, scientists needed the expertise of mountaineer Danny Uhlmann.

Antarctic orca check out their world
08 November 2017, Antarctic Media

Orca have appeared earlier than usual this year in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica, due to sea ice breaking up with warmer weather.

Otago zoologist honoured by national scientific peers through 2017 Marsden Medal
Otago Uni Logo
02 November 2017, Antarctic Media

A leading University of Otago zoology researcher, Emeritus Professor Carolyn Burns, has been awarded the prestigious 2017 Marsden Medal by The New Zealand Association of Scientists (NZAS).

Emperor penguins in Antarctica curious about making a friend
31 October 2017, Antarctic Media

Maybe it was a relative? Maybe it would respond? Whatever the case, a flock of emperor penguins north of Scott Base inspected a long-distance photo lens

Science Update - October 2017
ANZ logo colour A4 PNG
30 October 2017, Antarctic Media