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Trinity Roots' Warren Maxwell ventures to Antarctica for fresh sounds, inspriation
Warren maxwell
06 December 2016, Antarctic Media

Warren Maxwell always thought of Antarctica as an impossible place to visit – the frozen equivalent of going to Mars or stepping on the moon

Antarctic Starfish
Antarctic Starfish2
05 December 2016, Antarctic Media

Antarctic starfish may show climate change will produce winners and losers

A vast silence - Warren Maxwell in Antarctic
04 December 2016, Antarctic Media

He recorded everything from footsteps to seals while on the ice, and now wants to use those sounds to encourage the next generation of musicians.

Life on the ice: A glimpse of Antarctica
Matt Windsor3
04 December 2016, Antarctic Media

A field training instructor at Antarctica New Zealand's Scott Base has shared a video offering an insight into life on the frozen continent.

A day in the life of an Antarctic researcher
Antarctic Researcher2
03 December 2016, Antarctic Media

During her 13 trips to Antarctica, Victoria University associate professor Nancy Bertler carried out her day job in temperatures below -20 degree Celsius.

Famous astronaut Buzz Aldrin in good spirits in Christchurch Hospital after being evacuated from Antarctica
Buzz Aldrin
02 December 2016, Antarctic Media

The 86-year-old’s trip to the South Pole was cut short when he became unwell.