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Student helps preserve Hillary's Antarctic legacy
NZ Herald3
04 January 2017, Antarctic Media

It's far from your average do-up and even further from nearest civilisation.

Notorious Ocean Current Is Far Stronger Than Previously Thought
27 December 2016, Antarctic Media

The Antarctic Circumpolar Current is the only ocean current to circle the planet and the largest wind-driven current on Earth. It's also 30% more powerful than scientists realized.

TEDxScottBase Coming Soon
21 December 2016,

Learn all about TEDxScottBase.

East Antarctica is Melting From Above and Below
Climate Central
16 December 2016, Antarctic Media

East Antarctica is remote even by Antarctic standards. Harsh winds and ocean currents have largely cut off the region from the rest of the world.

Volunteers help out in Antarctica
TAE Hut Eclipse 2
12 December 2016, Antarctic Media

The work of volunteers on heritage projects in Antarctica is being highlighted as two well-qualified volunteers head down there.

Can you Spot the Penguin?
Penguin Colony
09 December 2016, Antarctic Media

There are almost a million penguins that call this colony home, and you see much of them within this frame.