TEDxScottBase is the major public event to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the construction of Scott Base and New Zealand’s permanent presence in Antarctica. Our ambition is to mark 6-decades of New Zealand’s leadership in Antarctica by facilitating a global conversation with Antarctica at its heart. Whether you're interested in space, music, oceans, film, sustainability, photography, history, exploration, Antarctic research or business, TEDxScottBase has something to offer.

Inspiring a global conversation with Antarctica at its heart.

On the 22nd January 2016, we estimate more than 6 million people engaged with the global broadcast. That number continues to rise as the speakers take their experiences, learning and passion for Antarctica back to their communities. Antarctica New Zealand is committed to increasing public awareness of the relevance of New Zealand’s science and environmental stewardship in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. We sincerely thank the New Zealand Antarctic science community for the support we have received for this important event.