The New Zealand Antarctic and Southern Ocean Science Directions and Priorities 2010-2020 document establishes themes and priorities for New Zealand Antarctic science. At a high level, these are grouped into:

  1. CLIMATE, CRYOSPHERE, ATMOSPHERE AND LITHOSPHERE: Improved understanding of the past and current state of Antarctica, its significance and implications of the role of Antarctica in global change, and implications of global change for Antarctica.
  2. INLAND & COASTAL ECOSYSTEMS: Improved understanding of inland and coastal ecosystems of the Ross Sea region leading to enhanced knowledge, conservation and protection priorities in Antarctica.
  3. MARINE SYSTEMS: Improved conservation and resource management of the Antarctic marine environment.

The science that Antarctica New Zealand supports is closely aligned with this strategy.


Working Together

New Zealand’s research efforts in Antarctica are becoming increasingly collaborative, both within the New Zealand scientific community, and at a global level through the involvement of international scientists. There has been a shift towards projects that bring together research teams with multiple areas of expertise, and New Zealand draws on logistical support from other national Antarctic programmes.

Collaborative and multidisciplinary approaches are vital for us to address the big science questions relating to climate change on the continent.