Antarctica New Zealand will demonstrate leadership in environmental management across all our activities in Antarctica and New Zealand. We are committed to undertaking all of our activities in a sustainable manner.

To achieve this, we will:

  • Comply with, and where possible exceed, all relevant national and international environmental and energy legislation and Antarctic Treaty System requirements.
  • Implement an Environmental Management System which sets out our environmental and energy objectives and targets.
  • Provide education and training for all staff and visitors to ensure environmental and energy requirements are understood and implemented.
  • Prevent environmental pollution and clean up the legacy of our past activities.
  • Minimise our energy demands through management and awareness of high energy activities, support the purchase of energy-efficient products and services, and plan for energy performance improvements.
  • Monitor and audit our activities for compliance.
  • Report on and continually strive to improve our environmental and energy performance.

All programme participants have a responsibility to protect the environment. We will review this policy annually and communicate it to all programme participants and the public.