Flora & Fauna

Flora & Fauna

Minimising Impacts On Wildlife

Flora and Fauna

Our objectives is to prevent taking or harmfully interfering with native fauna and flora through Antarctica New Zealand activities.

Antarctic wildlife and plants can be very sensitive to human disturbance. Unless you have a permit, disturbance of wildlife or damage or removal of plants may constitute 'harmful interference' which is prohibited under the Antarctica (Environmental Protection) Act (1994).

Antarctica New Zealand’s code of conduct provides guidance on minimising impacts on wildlife when in Antarctica.

For additional information and guidance material see:

Annex II to the Protocol on Environmental Protection
Guidelines for the Operation of Aircraft Near Concentrations of Birds
Human disturbance to Antarctic wildlife information summary on the Antarctic Environments Portal


Managing Non-Native Species Risks

Our objective is to conserve Antarctic biodiversity and intrinsic values by preventing the unintended introduction to the Antarctic region of species not native to that region, and the movement of species within Antarctica from one biogeographic zone to any other.

Biological invasions are amongst the most significant threats to biodiversity worldwide, threatening species survival and being responsible for major changes to ecosystem structure and functioning. Despite Antarctica's isolation and harsh climatic conditions, invasions have and are occurring and are recognised as a serious risk to native biodiversity.

Introducing non-native species, including any animal, plant or non-sterile soil is prohibited except in accordance with a specific permit.

Antarctica New Zealand’s code of conduct requires all programme participants to clean all clothing, boots and equipment before travelling to Antarctica. Particular attention needs to be paid to boot treads, Velcro fastenings and pockets, which could contain soil or seeds.

Additional information and guidance below:

Committee for Environmental Protection non-native species manual

COMNAP / SCAR guide for supply chain managers

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