WinterSchool seeks to bring together New Zealand’s communications experts eager to tell the story of our changing climate. This boot camp on Antarctic research seeks to expand your knowledge, through presentations, discussions and hands on demonstrations, but also encourages you to help the science community with tricks and tools to get their story heard. The workshop’s primary objective is to support communicators in playing an active role in demystifying Antarctic science to the public.

Winter School 2

WinterSchool 2018

Antarctic Sea Ice: The thick and the thin of it

River Ridge Retreat, Catlins
Friday 18th May - Sunday 20th May

Every year the “white bit” at the bottom of the planet doubles in size, and then melts away again. This is the annual sea ice cycle. Sea ice is an integral part of the rich biodiversity of high latitude marine environments, with an influence extending much further than just the polar regions. It affects ocean and ecosystems underneath it, and is one of the big controllers of ocean circulation and the world’s climate. How will it be affected by a warming world? Why does it matter at all? Join us to learn about how sea ice interacts with the ocean and the atmosphere, its vulnerability to climate change, and what this might mean for Antarctica as we know it today. You’ll hear from leading sea ice researchers on topics from how it forms to the state-of-the-art techniques required to measure it, and how NZ’s Antarctic research is contributing to understand consequences of global warming to the earth as a whole.