WinterSchool seeks to bring together New Zealand’s communications experts eager to tell the story of our changing climate. This boot camp on Antarctic research seeks to expand your knowledge, through presentations, discussions and hands on demonstrations, but also encourages you to help the science community with tricks and tools to get their story heard. The workshop’s primary objective is to support communicators in playing an active role in demystifying Antarctic science to the public.

Winter school 2
Winter School 2

WinterSchool 2017

The Thin Blue Line: Understanding the Antarctic Atmosphere

Lauder Atmospheric Research Station, Central Otago
Friday 12th May - Sunday 14th May

While Antarctica is out of sight, what happens there matters to us all.  This year, WinterSchool will focus on the Antarctic atmosphere – the thin blue line above the frozen continent that plays a key role in weather patterns, climate, and ocean processes. Important global climate change questions can only be answered by making measurements in Antarctica, one of the most isolated and hard to reach places on Earth. Join us to learn about how the atmosphere works, what influences it, and how human activities are altering the natural system. You’ll hear about the recent scientific discoveries, gleaned from state of the art measurements that are solving puzzles in Earth’s climate system, and how NZ is leading research into what the future might hold.

WinterSchool 2017 will be held at NIWA’s Atmospheric Research Station at Lauder, in the heart of Central Otago. Lauder is widely regarded worldwide as an essential component of the global atmospheric research community. Surrounded on each side by a mountain range, its geographical isolation and clear skies provide the perfect location for making atmospheric measurements, and is also a stunning place to hold a WinterSchool.