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Mike Mahon

Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, and driest of all the continents on Earth. Correct clothing that is layered, as well as hats, insulated boots, neck warmers and gloves give protection from the elements

Dress like an onion
The trick to staying warm in Antarctica is to trap warm air next to your skin. The best way to do this is to ‘dress like an onion’ with many layers. Each layer traps air. The outer layer will be a wind stopper and other layers will trap air close to the body.

Wind chill
There are two things that make you feel cold: air (ambient) temperature and wind speed. The combination of these two is called wind chill. Wind chill is a measure of how much heat is lost from your skin. A very cold temperature on a still day may have the same wind chill effect as a warmer temperature on a windy day. This chart has five categories of wind chill (low, moderate, cold, extreme, and very extreme) to help you know how many layers of clothing you will need outside.

• What is the wind chill on a -1°C day with a 50km/h wind? What category day is it?
• What is the wind chill on a -40°C day with a 35km/h wind? What category day is it? 

Wind Chill Tempertaure Chart2

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