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New Zealand Air Force trains for Antarctic crash
Will Harvie
03 November 2017, Antarctic Media

Here is the scenario: A New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) jet has been forced down or crashed on icy Antarctica. The crew survived and could assume help was coming. Until then, how will they stay alive?

Busting the myths: Antarctica's Larsen C ice shelf births enormous iceberg
Larsen C
13 July 2017, Antarctic Media

A massive iceberg snapping off an Antarctic ice shelf has piqued the interest of those across both New Zealand and the world.

Is the collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet inevitable?
Antarctic sea ice growth
01 June 2017, Antarctic Media

Scott Base 1965
13 February 2017, Latest Videos

Click here to find out what living and working at Scott Base was like in 1965.

60th Anniversary of Scott Base Video
60 years video
23 January 2017, Antarctic Media

Click here to view a video celebrating 60 Years of New Zealand's presence in Antarctica.

Frozen South: Antarctica 24 Hour Sun
Anthony Powell
07 December 2016,

In the summer time at Scott Base the sun is above the horizon for 4 months, from roughly the end of the third week of October until the end of the third week of February.