Antarctica New Zealand has a seven member Board. Members of the Board are appointed for three years by the Minister of Foreign Affairs in consultation with the Board Chair. This period may be extended by the Minister for up to, a further three years. 

Members are collectively accountable to the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the performance of Antarctica New Zealand. All delegated functions and powers within Antarctica New Zealand arise from the Board's delegations. The Board’s role is governance. 

Specific functions within this overall role include:

  • Setting the strategic direction of Antarctica New Zealand and developing policy, in a manner consistent with the organisation’s statutory framework, for example through the Annual Business Plan
  • Ensuring compliance with the law, accountability documents and relevant Crown expectations. This includes financial responsibility for all money received by the Crown and reinforcing expectations of behaviour that are appropriate to a public body
  • Appointing the Chief Executive
  • Monitoring the performance of Antarctica New Zealand and the Chief Executive
  • Maintaining appropriate relationships with the Minister, Parliament and the public. This includes accounting for the performance and management of the organisation

The Chief Executive is responsible for the staffing and management of Antarctica New Zealand.